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Also known as Andrew Hussie. The creator of the popular webcomic titled Homestuck, and various-less widely known- works. He is considered an earthbound god by his fans, whom he despises. This does not offset them in the slightest, however. He is known to graciously accept the souls of each of his fans, while feasting on Toblerone and Olive Garden Breadsticks.

The Huss can usually be found in an attic, painting himself gray, and typing up recaps for his webcomics. By doing these things he has taken the lives of millions and given them meaning. He can be recognized by his large, enchanting, lips, an orange shade of skin, and overall sense of greatness, forcing him to stand out when among the likes of mere men.

The Huss cannot be compared to any mortal, for he is above our level of comprehension. We must not try to understand The Huss, merely accept that he is, and wait, somewhat impatiently, for his next update.

Long Live The Huss.
by TotalHomestuck69 December 23, 2013
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