A calming melodic zen phrase invented by King Crimson. Used to provide a cool rhythm to smoking and or just being zen.
Thela hun ginjeet, man. Alright. *puff* Theyla hoon ginjeet, Theyla hoon ginjeet(musical).
by Browntown101 September 14, 2006
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The thing my boyfriend says when he really doesn't wanna talk about something...he says it a lot.
What's your favourite thing about me?
I don't know, hun.
by Liam's Main Skweez April 10, 2005
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TYRONE: I'z six-three fo hunned fitty fo pouns
by Pizzlej July 22, 2019
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Rangers fans if they lose or something goes against them, believing the world is against them. Laughing stock of football.
I went on social media after the game only to be confronted by ' raging hun's ' complaining about everything
by September 21, 2020
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Pretty much the sickest kent out...Also a very 'Smart China Man'.
Meng-Hun is where 'it's' at!
by CharlieCloud January 26, 2011
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a dead arm or hair pull during a game of scog one two
Katie had this disease and he hair came out getting one for the hun
by Red Pat December 11, 2011
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A girl who you can tell spends way too long on her exterior appearance before she'll allow herself to go out in public, makes one almost afraid of what she might look like first thing in the morning.
Dude, she's hot, but definitely an overdun hun
,way too high maintenance for me
by mondomoon28 November 17, 2011
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