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Gaming parlance. The keys 'QAOP', which is the classic up/down/left/right configuration used by sane people, especially oldschool gamers.
What's that?! We have to use QWERT? Why can't we redefine or use The Holy Four?!
by R-Tape March 27, 2015
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The holy four is a group of gaming YouTubers, considered to be the best.
DanTDM, JackSepticEye, Markiplier, And PewDiePie.
According to others, there are more than four, including Ninja, Dream, KSI, Mr. Beast, PopularMMOs, PrestonPlays, LazarBeam, and TechnoBlade.
The holy four are the best gaming YouTubers in the world.
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by ESBirdnerd January 03, 2021
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The 'W', 'A','S', and 'D' keys on a keyboard, commonly used in First Person Shooter games.
1337: "Use the Holy Four you N00b"h
by cDc-Chaotic October 31, 2009
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