After an explosive, wet dump, that wet greasy feeling between the butt cheeks that simply put, cannot be wiped away.
I’m all itchy down there now with a touch of the greasies.

That curry dinner was fantastic. Only draw back is this onset case of the greasies.

Two rolled down and I still got the greasies.
by Eaton Holgoode November 13, 2017
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Trailer Park Boys definition: Something that is morally reprehensible / to do with the marginal side of society.
by Mick Swanson July 13, 2005
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Greasy is a broad term, essentially meaning something sketchy, fucked up or sleazy.

The word can be applied in many situations and can vary in greatly in terms of fuckedness. Greasy behaviour could be anything from, taking a picture of your bros nipple, to brutally raping someone.

Greasiness as a philosophy incorporates nihilistic and libertine values, it may be both respected by some and abhorred by others.
"I just saw a video of Will getting a handjob in the woods. That guy is so greasy"

"That strip club looks Greasy as fuck"

"He lives a greasy lifestyle."
by DirtyProfessor May 1, 2014
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Something society word find immoral or something not clean.
That dirty greasy samsquanch bastard just ate my greasy turd. OMG thats GREASY!!!
by sexy Julian December 12, 2015
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Slang popularised by the tv programme Trailer Park Boys, occasionally used in Canada's Maritime provinces. Used to describe an activity/event engaged in which, if generally known to others, would bring shame and/or ridicule from peers. To do something that generally is considered immoral, dishonest, or illegal.
Randy: I banged Lucy and knocked her up, no big deal.

Barb: Ugh, that was you? Greasy!
by Way she goes July 25, 2010
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Another word for grimy.

Means to do something messed up, fucked up, or incosiderate. Sometimes funny.
Dude that was so greasy. You jacked his only Jordans.
by blitz94 June 19, 2008
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adjective/expression to describe someone who is...

..flirty (?)
..kinda cheesy (?)

- saying corny things all the time to woo girls;
- acting or talking in a sexually suggestive way;
- "smooth operator" , being someone who always knows the right thing to say
~ quoted from BlockB's BBC World Camp Teaser ~
Kyung: I will work with our so pretty BBC.
*he smiles at camera*
Jaehyo: Is there a kissing scene?
Kyung: A kiss scene? Won’t I have to look into that?
*smiles again at the camera*

( Kyung is being "greasy" here :P )
by bbc fangirl July 25, 2012
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