The Gazette (ガゼット) is a Japanese band of the rock genre. The band was formed in early 2002.

Background information
Origin: Japan
Genre: Visual Kei
Years active: 2002–present
Label: PS Company

Ruki: Vocals
Uruha: Guitar
Aoi: Guitar
Reita: Bass guitar
Kai: Drums

Former members
Yune: ex-drummer
There is no example for The GazettE. It is simply a band.
by Das Kühl Ninja June 5, 2007
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1. A Japanese Visual Kei Band.

Who makes fucking bad-ass songs that causes eargasm.

The Greatest band ever.

2. A Jrock Band consisting of 5 Hot members, makes you a fangirl even if you're a guy.
J.rocker 1: What are you listening?

J.rocker 2: Filth in the beauty.

J.rocker 1: Oh! The GODS The GazettE
by Candydive Pinky Heaven April 6, 2011
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The most awesome jrock band in the history of the world: the GazettE. Started 10 March 2002 and currently signed to PS Company and Sony Music, the band is made up of Kai (drums), Reita (bass), Aoi (guitar), Uruha (guitar), and Ruki (vocals). These five men are not only extremely musically skilled, they produce some of the finest music on the planet, are such sweet, kind, caring people, and are also really, really sexy.
Person 1: Oh, whose concert should I go see this weekend?
Person 2: Go see the GazettE, duh! Who else?
by DokuritsuENZO November 23, 2010
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n.: An abstract term referring to the intricate network of gossip woven amidst the lesbian community, primarily based in Miami, FL.
"You mean Nicole went on a business trip and cheated on her girlfriend with some one-legged, drug-addicted, Russian stripper who has 3 kids and now she's moving to Moscow? How do you know?"
"It was in the gazette."
by kay p. zee February 10, 2006
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Newspaper currently being published by four anonymous Cinco Ranch High School students who refer to themselves as "The Persian Rug," "The Legend," "Clicky," and "Oca." Named "The Gator Gazette" to allegedly create an attractive title ("Gator" comes from the principal's infamous line, "Go Gators!") This newspaper can be found in any boy's restroom, whenever a new edition arrives. Critics of the Gator Gazette claim that the editors desire nothing but fame among Cinco Ranch students, and simply waste time on the newspaper to put on their college resumes.
Person 1: Dude, a new edition of the Gator Gazette is coming out! Can't wait!

Person 2: You read? Gah, there are better things to do in life.

Person 3: That Gatah Gazette aint nothin' but trouble. Bonsal betta' find those pussy editors and whoop 'em with ISS!
by The 5th Wannabe Editor April 20, 2005
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A terrible rock band. They dress up like girls and make 12 year old girls fall in love with them. They consist of the ugly gay uruha, terrible singer ruki, retarded bassist reita, Ugly emo aoi, And dumbass kai. Also known as the gayzette.
They sing songs in english to sound cool to the japanese fans.
by Ugly gayzette June 17, 2011
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