it is a book made out of tears and pain
Friend: Hey, have you read The Fault In Our Stars?
Me: It destroyed my soul
by i'm still crying February 4, 2013
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A New York Bestseller by John Green. It will rip your heart out and make you eat it. It is a soul crushing novel ready to have you sobbing in the fetal position. You will hate to love how perfectly sad it is.
Me: I cried and sobbed and The Fault in our Stars ripped out my heart.
Me: Here. Read it.
by augustuswaters October 28, 2012
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A book written by John Green, published author. It is about a sixteen year-old girl in the fourth stage of thyroid cancer, and to quote directly from the dust jacket, "Despite her tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis."

I would say it is the most amazing book I have ever read, and I would be stating the truth.
Person 1: Oh my god the fault in our stars is coming out in 2 days! My signed copy is arriving!
Person 2: The fault in our stars...?
Person 1: ...
Person 1: How are you my friend.
by Malinahona January 17, 2012
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The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS) is a book about two cancer patients. They fall in love,but it's not your average love story. This will make you cry. The movie is nearly as good as the book. I advise you to read the book first. You will fall in love with the characters, literature, and the philosophical standpoint of this book. This book has taught me a lot. It's given me a new view point on cancer and what they have to go through. I highly recommend this book for all ages 12 and up. Have your tissues, ice cream, and Adele songs ready.
I went to see the The Fault In Our Stars in the movie theater and cried my eyes out. I was fangirling so hard asdfghjkl!!!!
by Frik frak June 10, 2014
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A book that you could litterally throw at anyone's face and it wouldn't hurt nearly as much as the story,
I balled reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
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1. A Young adult story written by New York Times Best Selling Author John Green
2. A book that you can throw at someone's face after tying eight bricks to it, yet it will still not hurt as much as the actual story.
I was literally crying in the fetal position for a week after I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars.
by Fan Girl 46 February 10, 2017
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A poorly written book with a touching story. It's just a shame, since John Green himself is an admirable man, and the overall plot of the book was alright. He could have done better.
The dialogue is completely awful. The characters are unrealistic and boring, and some parts of the story I find quite inappropriate (the kiss in the museum, the fact that Hazel's mother let Augustus and her venture to a strange author's house by themselves, the fact that Van Houton led a terminally ill girl and a terminally ill boy all the way to Amsterdam, etc).

The ending was unoriginal, abrupt and somewhat unsatisfying to me. It was not an engaging book for me, and was a total and utter disappointment. The hype is undeserved.
(I do not have ANYTHING against people fighting or who have fought cancer, though, please let me make that clear. I have had people in my own family of whom had fought cancer. Believe me, I understand the matter of it. I just personally found the book disappointing.)
Person 1: "Hey, did you read The Fault In Our Stars!????"
Person 2: "Yes, I did."
Person 2: "Read Lord Of The Rings and talk to me again later."
by bookhorder July 19, 2014
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