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it is a book made out of tears and pain
Friend: Hey, have you read The Fault In Our Stars?
Me: It destroyed my soul
by i'm still crying February 03, 2013
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A New York Bestseller by John Green. It will rip your heart out and make you eat it. It is a soul crushing novel ready to have you sobbing in the fetal position. You will hate to love how perfectly sad it is.
Me: I cried and sobbed and The Fault in our Stars ripped out my heart.
Me: Here. Read it.
by augustuswaters October 27, 2012
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A book written by John Green, published author. It is about a sixteen year-old girl in the fourth stage of thyroid cancer, and to quote directly from the dust jacket, "Despite her tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis."

I would say it is the most amazing book I have ever read, and I would be stating the truth.
Person 1: Oh my god the fault in our stars is coming out in 2 days! My signed copy is arriving!
Person 2: The fault in our stars...?
Person 1: ...
Person 1: How are you my friend.
by Malinahona January 17, 2012
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A book that you can literally throw at my face and it wont nearly hurt as much as the story.
Me:I Just Finished reading The Fault in Our Stars.... Im okay. Dont :) fahkin :) touch :) me :)
by LittleInfinity May 25, 2014
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A beautiful story with a great message. Unfortunately it has been adopted as some kind of white girl Bible and is appreciated not because of its beauty and meaning, but because there's a hot dude named Augustus in it. I is written by John Green and is actually not his best book but the white girls seem to think so.
Me: So have you read The Fault in Our Stars
White Girl: Totally! It my favorite book like omg!
Me: Oh cool! What did you like about it?
White Girl: Welllllll I didn't really, like, understand it but like Augustus Waters is totally hooooot omg!
Me: ...*facepalm*
by Ema Nlear June 10, 2014
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This is a book by john green that will mentally pain you if you read it be prepared to watch this movie or read the book and be in a puddle of tears
"oh my god man I just read The Fault in Our Stars and I cant stop crying"
by Bitchshutup June 06, 2014
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