During rough sex you choke a girl with your left arm extended and your right arm is slightly bent while fingering her ass with a minimum of three fingers. When executing this move properly you should look like Elvis Presley doing one of his famous karate poses.
My buddy Kenny was feeling a bit frisky this weekend and pulled out "The Elvis" on an unsuspecting fuck buddy, needless to say she now calls him her hunk of burning love.
by HamDog Millionaire October 10, 2011
When you dry hump your boyfriend by gyrating your hips until he cums in your hand. Then you use the cum to slick back his hair and say, “Thank you, thank you very much. You’ve been Elvised!”
Last night my girlfriend got me back for spidermanning her last week. She got me good withThe Elvis! Touché!
by veggie steak August 15, 2009
An Elvie is a beautiful and kind-hearted gril.
Elvie is such an awesome baby!
by uconnchica February 4, 2010
well-composed, generous, loving, attractive
That elvy girl got it goin on!
by kmhfdcxfhde June 13, 2010
A person who is super smart, extremely helpful and nice beyond belief. He is also incredibly weird and chooses to hang out with similar minded people. He's fun to text, if he even replies. Sometimes he can act like he's too good or cool to talk to you. So he has some douchey character traits. Over all he's a nice guy. Someone you want to keep in your life as a friend. However,don't ever tell them that you have a crush on them or else they will shun you like you have the plague.
Her: does Elvis still talk to You?

Me: nope! I tried, but whatever.
by Snertle July 10, 2017
The Absolute King of Rock and Roll . all you other punkasses can sit down and breath thru your nose.
He truly was Americas Penis. Huge and sleek and envied by the hole world. You are a free american today, because of Elvis' greatness. If for nothing else America was known as the birthpace of Elvis.
Elvis AAron Presley- Lisa Maries dad.
He gave it all, a simple man devoured by the darkness.
The news reporter yelled ''Elvis , you are the King!'', and Elvis, the coolest guy in the world, said ''Naw man, Jesus is the King, im just a singer." Amen.
by rockmonk September 6, 2005
A girl with hidden depths, and possibly Finnish roots. Someone with a deep love for music, both creating it and listening to it. A true beauty who brightens the day of anyone she happens to encounter. Has broken many hearts, but not on purpose.
Wow, who was that elvi? I think I just fell in love.
by Snorgalicious May 23, 2010