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While having sex in the doggystyle position, you attempt to put it in her butt, but when she realizes what you're about to do she whips her head around and says EH EH...EH EH
I came so close. Right when I was about to take a ride up the dirt road she realized what I was doing and gave me the dolphin
by Secret agent Randy Beans October 19, 2018
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During Sex, when a male is near ejaculation, he locks his arms flat to his sides, goes rigid, arches his back, and makes dolphin noises while he orgasms. Variations include the slight kicking of ones legs in dolphin-like motion.
Hans was really giving it to a girl last night, and when he got off, he totally gave her the dolphin. I heard him.
by ScrappyG March 06, 2007
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Shave your body hair completely off, oil yourself up, and tag a broad from behind while going, “eeeeheeeh eeeenheeee.”
“Dude, can you gimme a hand? I need someone to shave my back.”

“What, why?”

“I need to be as smooth as The Dolphin for tonight’s shenanigans.”
by Voodoo Hooch February 01, 2018
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Its a term used to describe someone is really cute and fun out of a group.
Chris: Damn you're so funny, you're the dolphin man!
Jimmy: o thx man :)
by WisdomGuy101 August 31, 2018
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