While having sex in the doggystyle position, you attempt to put it in her butt, but when she realizes what you're about to do she whips her head around and says EH EH...EH EH
I came so close. Right when I was about to take a ride up the dirt road she realized what I was doing and gave me the dolphin
by Secret agent Randy Beans October 20, 2018
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During Sex, when a male is near ejaculation, he locks his arms flat to his sides, goes rigid, arches his back, and makes dolphin noises while he orgasms. Variations include the slight kicking of ones legs in dolphin-like motion.
Hans was really giving it to a girl last night, and when he got off, he totally gave her the dolphin. I heard him.
by ScrappyG March 7, 2007
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A thrusting technique that is most predominantly used in a standing sex position against the wall. This is helpful for guys who have less of a shaft to work with.

Prop yo' chick up against a wall and dramatically thrust your pelvis forward and back, the rest of your body going the opposite direction each time like a dolphin jumping out of the water.
Person 1: Danny and Shaz are really going at it there in the alley...wait is he having a seizure?
Person 2: No, he's just doing The Dolphin
by TippytheHippy May 8, 2019
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When you both lie straight and the penis is inserted and then just thrust your hips vigorously.
wow Wilf did the dolphin me so good last night
by Hollie Simpson December 28, 2021
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Shave your body hair completely off, oil yourself up, and tag a broad from behind while going, “eeeeheeeh eeeenheeee.”
“Dude, can you gimme a hand? I need someone to shave my back.”

“What, why?”

“I need to be as smooth as The Dolphin for tonight’s shenanigans.”
by Voodoo Hooch February 2, 2018
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Dolphining is the practice of posting a status message by using someone else's Facebook account. The status message is intended as a prank, and has the purpose of showing the world that the owner of the account was foolish enough to allow somebody else to access his/her Facebook account. Examples of foolishness include forgetting a personal computer unlocked, or leaving a mobile phone laying around.

The name comes from the fact that the status message has to contain the word "dolphin," or be talking about dolphins. This way, whoever sees the messages instantly knows about its nature and can laugh at the victim.

After realizing that he/she has been "dolphined," there is a strict honor code that the victim has to follow. In particular, the message can be deleted only if none of the victim's friends has liked it yet. If the post receives at least one like it will have to be left unchanged and accessible forever, as a testimony of the victim's lameness in allowing someone else to access her Facebook.
Ali has been victim of dolphining four times in the last two days.
by dolphin master May 9, 2014
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Hella rad way to say "definately "
Woman 1: "Hey, do you like that guys beard?"
Woman 2: "most dolphinately!"
by TurtleLover♡666 February 6, 2017
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