A list of boring words and their definitions in a thousand pages or more. Only the truly cultured people go to Urban Dictionary for all their wanting to know what a word means means.
Virgin: Wanna read the The Dictionary together? Girl: No, The Dictionary sucks, just read to Urban Dictionary instead. Virginn: Ok... :.(
by Cultured Person October 11, 2019
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A word that you have possibly made up but appears to be accurately descriptive of what you meant and therefore worthy of being in the dictionary

by missjet April 2, 2009
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dude youre seriously looking up the word dictionary?? you must be freaking bored
youre looking up the word dictionary? nerd
by hiiiiiiiiii., February 11, 2011
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A Useless book of information. The only useful dictionary is the one you're reading at this moment. Also If they misspell a word how would we know? Mrs. Stocks's best friend.
by go123 December 23, 2010
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Weird person: "When you look up 'dictionary' in the dictionary, it just says 'this'."
by PheagleAdler February 28, 2010
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You are on one right now. A dictionary is a place where you can find words. This one though is fan made so you can define any word
You are on a dictionary right now while looking for the meaning of this
by DrHvked March 11, 2021
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