A symptom found in gamers that causes them to exhibit - often times retarded - and pointless ignorance or devoid awareness of anything that regards intelligent thinking.
Primer has a serious case of the derps.

Or simply imagine somebody being as close to legally considered mentally handicapped without actually being quite there.
by Str8 Derpin' April 04, 2011
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A small dog possessing one or more of the following characteristics: bulgy eyes, squashed face, eyes that look in two or more directions at the same time, wandering lung, or comically vacuous expression. In short, any dog that arouses feelings of pity, revulsion, and the sneaking suspicion that it would have been kinder to have strangled it at birth.

E.g. pugs, Boston terriers, French bulldogs.
For the origin, do a google search for "hurr durr derp derp derp"
Is that a derp-derp or is she just squeezing her dog too hard?
by Boston Terrierist May 10, 2009
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Coughing while at the same time being scared
I was Derping
by BobbyPink December 03, 2020
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"I heard some noise from the other room, are you okay"
"Yes, sorry, I was watching a horror movie and my popcorn got stuck in my throat, so I starting derping."
by Sneak T. December 03, 2020
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