Where Kenny Rodgers was raised, bitch.
Hi, I'm Kenny Rodgers and welcome to Jackass. We're doing the Dairy Challenge!
by Tylertc13 November 4, 2010
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Hot bipolar as fuck can be a really bitchy give attitudes smart,pretty,loving,sweet
Damn Dairis is so damn hot
by Lalaongdheishdghdidjd October 20, 2016
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another word for the female breasts. originates from the fact they produce milk. i.e they are dairy like.
man check the dairies on that girl
by domster April 9, 2006
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A Corner Shop noted for selling everything from ice creams, milk Sweets and Confectionary To Cigarettes, Newspapers and Magazines Usu. Run By Curry Muncher Immigrants from Fiji or India but the small minority of them are owned by White People
therea a dairy up the street
by Brother Number One October 10, 2003
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From the song dont hate me cause im beautiful when she says looking at my dairy
by Carry berry lerry terry merry January 29, 2011
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Used as another word for e.g. Spunk.
Guy 1) What did you do last night?
Guy 2) Dairyed in this birds face, she fuckin loved it!

Girl 1) What do you like most in the world?
Girl 2) To be honest i love dairy on my face!
by Mr Frock April 12, 2005
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a group of (usu. used with Milfs, Milves or Milfen) - see MILF.
Similarly to a pride of lions, a school of fish or a bevy of beauties we have the phrase "A dairy of milfen/milfs/milves". The use of the -en plural lends it a pseudo-dated feeling and credibility. Those with a more contemporary taste,however, can use milfs or milves.
On my way home I passed by a dairy of milfen, wriggling their buttocks and swinging their knockers in slow motion. Waa-waa wee-wa!
by Vidra October 8, 2006
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