The Crucifix:
Position: Arms spread,legs together.

Definition: The act of fucking four chicks at once; one on your right hand getting Claudioed (finger-blasted), one on your left hand..once again getting Claudioed, one sitting on your face and another chick riding your cock in the reverse cowgirl position.
Burt: I was at the bar last night and I took four chicks home, and I gave those bitches the Crucifix.
Charlie: Unfuckingreal man! Sweet..(high five)
by CEKRJHRMG February 3, 2008
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A symbol of the christian faith, depicting Jesus Christ on a cross.

also, in the event of a second coming, a horrible reminder of one heck of a bad day.
seriously. if you came back 2000 years after being nailed to a piece of wood, do you think you'd want to see the damn thing everywhere you go?
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A sexual position that can be performed with a very petite woman or small person and a strong man. The woman stands with her arms out to the side, the man holds her up from her arms and penetrates from the rear. She will be held up in the air much like a crucifx.
Remember that really small girl from the bar? I pulled off The Crucifix on her!
by Medina AKA Lex December 12, 2018
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An advanced masturbation technique where the individual sticks his penis in a pre-made hole on the dominant hand (both hands work as well, especially if the individual is ambidextrous)
Man 1: Dude! Did you see Tom last night?

Man 2: No, what happened?

Man 1: I caught him doing the crucifix at church!
by ParentalWarning March 15, 2016
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When you are fucking some chik then u stick a cross in their ass while u are fucking them!
by Jesse R. and Ben May 27, 2004
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A position in a fight where you pin your opponent to the ground with your knees on his arms and sit on his belly. Your opponent cannot protect himself, so you can wail away as much as you want.
Roy "Big Country" Nelson kicked the crap out of Kimbo Slice by locking Slice in a crucifix three times and delivering just punishment to Kimbo's grill.
by ContraSmart October 1, 2009
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Crucifixation is the belief that all Christians are saved and, conversely, that all non-Christians, regardless of faith or moral character, are damned.,
Brain washed fundamentalist hypocrites suffer from crucifixation.
by SECRETAGENTSUPERROBOT!!! September 16, 2015
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