None other than the absolute cool.
An (at the time) original, descriptive term. During the years of Ultima Online's prime, an MMORPG developed by OSI (Origin Systems Inc - though later taken over by EA), there was a player by the name of "the Sickness".

This character caused great distress to many people, so in response, the great Boba Fett/Magneto/Seifer/GM Cool Guy along with Spymaster, Ad Avis, Ice Trey and Mad Monk decided it was about time to fix his little red wagon.

Thus, The Coolness was made in a satiric attempt to poke fun at "The Sickness" and his brother "The Illness".

This was, of course, before "coolness" was even a viable word for internet or real life usage. Years down the road I hear it all of the time. It caught on very quick. While I don't think I can claim origination of the word, I can definitely say I spread it to a large portion of people on Lake Superior. Especially that wonderful, Y-Wing shaped town of Moonglow. :-)
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(no doubt no doubt no doubt)

1) accepting something, with pain.
2) accepting something even though you know it's wrong
3) cooling down a convo
4) just saying it for fun, really
"Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool."

"cool cool cool cool cool. no doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt."
by 54345543 August 9, 2018
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An irony-proof phrase uttered by Abed on Community, denoting that something is so cool, it's "Who's the Boss" cool.
Prof. Sheffield: I have a wonderful idea. Why don't you teach the next class on "Who's the Boss" so that you can share your open mind with everyone in class.
Abed: Cool. Cool-cool-cool.
by bob beeflips April 19, 2011
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It is one of Jake Peralta’s best catchphrases.
gun store cashier - “so how do you like your ammo, by the box or by the bucket?”
jake peralta - cool cool cool cool cool cool out country is broken :)
by urmum690 July 31, 2021
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An expression said by Jacksfilms (Jack Douglass), a Youtuber, used as a calm response in order to hide your feelings or avoidance towards a comment or opinion that might be emotional, hurtful, embarrassing, etc.
"Mom said dad was going to be back from the store"
"How long ago was that?"
"12 years but he'll be back"
"Cool cool"
by Connie A. April 28, 2015
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When things really aren’t cool.
Mum: Your teacher has asked me in for a chat after school.

Santino: Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
by Hodie + Dimes January 29, 2021
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"Cool cool." Many uses, all of them good.

(a) In L33T speak, "cool cool" is used as acknowledgement for absolute understanding, no further discussion on the matter is necessary, as in "So we're not going to play beer pong? Cool cool. Let's do keg stands."

(b) Kk also means, "cool cool", also means "ok, cool'

(c) "cool cool" also means "I get it, and that's cool."
"We're delivering 300 pieces of artwork tomorrow."

"Cool cool. What time do we leave?"
by jxn August 30, 2012
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