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When a student is in a school which is massively filled with indian creatures who call themselves teachers, he/she suffers the Indian Affliction. Those so called teachers have brains the size of peanuts and have bodies covered with nothing but oil and hair. They speak in queerly altered piteous english that sounds like a Decepticon and an Auto-bot having sex. They're figure is weirdly diverse but is roughly regraded as the shape of a disabled ape. A normal human will surely have a hard time distinguishing a male from a female.
Chiefly, just by it intruding a class, this creature transfers a detrimental smell that affects the living soul of a student, transforming him/her into one of it's own.

Those indian creatures have suffered in the past, over the ages and yet until now. But they have chosen not to live in their own affliction, but to spread their suffering and multiply. Somehow, they believed the educational course was the utter path to ride on.
Sadly, students in the middle east are the ones who endure this ailment the most. But be warned, as they multiply like fuck, they seek worldwide domination.
Jaimie: Fuck yeah that creepy old indian teacher left school, can't wait to see what they brought us next

Sam: Looks like we have ANOTHER ONE! Can't believe how numerous those things are!

Jaimie: This place is like they're fucking domicile, aslong as we stay here, we're still gonna be sufferers of The Contagious Indian Affliction (TCIA).
by Epictrix August 27, 2012
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