(n, Australian English) Another term for the iconic crappy Australian car, the Holden Commodore. A term commonly used by Commodore owners as the name of their car.

Originates from the old adage:

Q: What does a Commodore and a clitoris have in common?
A: Every cunt has one.
Steve: Oi cunt, we're low on Bourbon, think it's time to fire up The Clitoris and head to Thirsty Camel.

Dave: We'll have to take the Falcoon, The Clitoris blew a head gasket again, the fucking piece of shit.

Steve: 'Ken oath.
by Riccardinho July 18, 2014
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1. Small fleshy nub located just above the vagina and urethra and inside the labia. Homologous to the head of the penis. Covered by a "hood" of skin. When rubbed, causes intense sexual pleasure.

2. Not a joy buzzer, gentlemen. Don't just press on it and think that it will give her amazing orgasms instantly. You need to rub it and stroke it.

3. Not something to be shy about, ladies. If a gentleman can't find yours instantly, don't just lie back sulking while you think of England. Instead, help the poor fellow out in finding it. You'll both be glad you did.

4. My favorite organ...to think with.
1. Alice came after she rubbed her clitoris.

2. Bob thought Alice would come if he just pressed her clitoris like a joy buzzer, but she just laughed.

3. Bob couldn't find Alice's clitoris, so instead of just lying there uselessly, she showed him how she liked to be touched.

4. Men aren't the only ones who sometimes think with the wrong organ.
by Verileigh September 09, 2010
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John: Aw man whats on your face?
Ted: I was messing with her clitoris and...yea....
by DEEZnuuuuuuts November 24, 2010
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a fuckin awesome little piece of skin and nerve endings which, apparently when licked , will make a chick love you for ever (or at least say that)
clit, cliturus, clitiris, clitorus, etc...
by Big Bear Stalker August 28, 2003
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Oh your a man aren't you? It's the thing you can't find mate.
'Oh did he find the clitoris this time' said Kacey

'No i had to fake it again' said Grace
by Simpforjack April 07, 2021
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a greek island found south of the mountains but just north of the deep valley
come visit clitoris.. the most pleasent of the islands
by Madame Luce December 19, 2006
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