One cool, brilliant, friendly, cheese lovin' mo'fo.
The Cale wants to be the evil ruler of the world someday.
by theladiesman December 3, 2003
Pronounced Cali. An absoluty beautiful girl with the most amazing sence of humor. Most Calees are short. Any boy would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. She is the definition of perfection.
Guy 1: I met the most amazing girl today. She was pretty, funny, and smart.

Guy 2: Whats her name?

Guy 1: Calee.
by Caleeeee November 18, 2011
a Jack-of-all-Trades. A very rare mix between scoundrel, gypsy, and genius. The name Cale cannot just be given to someone, it is apparent that this person would be named Cale by his natural excellence. Excels at almost everything he does without much help; a natural born winner. Cale is sly, and with his numerous talents always finds a way to succeed. In anything, you pick this guy to be on your team; he never loses. Would be perfect for any job or task necessary.
"I mean, what do you expect? it's Cale"

"Why on earth didn't you pick him, now we are going to lose"

"Trust me, Cale is with us"
by KingStylez October 29, 2010
Someone brilliant who know's how to treat the ladies; a rarity.
Don't be fooled, his shy possibly nerdy exterior is usually just a cloaking device employed to scare off the undeserving.
However, if you're ever lucky enough to find someone so genuine, sweet and romantic then don't think twice, you've found yourself a Cale.
Girl 1: ''Oh my goodness, my new boyfriend is so sweet! Yesterday he wrote my name in flowers and left them on my front doorstep for me to find''

Girl 2: ''Oh honey he's a Cale! You better hold onto that one, he's THE one!''
by Forget-me-not my Butterfly March 27, 2011
Cale is someone who is cute af and kind. They can make your day in a second. A Cale is witty and overall smart.
Girl: Omg who is that guy?
Me: Oh, that’s Cale he’s pretty amazing !

Girl: *speechless*
by thisisn’tmyrealname September 25, 2019
Cale is a genius in anything and everything he does
Is sexy and a gentlemen any person would be lucky to have one in their lives
Don’t worry we have Cale
by Gooder Gooderton December 30, 2017
Someone who is tired of people. They just like to sit and sleep all day and are common to have about 2 friends. They are smart but never actually use their intellegience . When they go outside they are common to get extreme sunburns when they go outside because of the paleness of their skin
Get up Cale”
“No, retard
by Friccker November 21, 2018