Inserting a live canary in the anus, holding it in and then excreting it out.
That chick doin' a black canary reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer from "Batman Returns" except it was with her ass dude...
by Wilwashere June 17, 2011
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A relationship between Batman And Black Canary, both need each other and both love each other, but Green Arrow and Catwoman keep shitting in otherwise they'd be In love, they both complete each other as Batman is a Badass Dude named Bruce Wayne whereas Black Canary is a Hothead Blonde named Laurel Lance, both had a high pitch romance in Comics as Thrillkiller and All Star Batman sometimes Wattpad Fanfictions and there's mutual respect and secret love between Batman and Black Canary in Young Justice TV Show
Batman and Black Canary is so wonderful I wish they get a chance together

Batman and Black Canary Romance was something I had in mind but somebody already made the two lovers come together

Best ship in Fiction I said Batman and Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Batman, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor
by The Vigilante May 9, 2021
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When a girl is riding a man during sex and as he start to cum, she bends down to his ear and screams so loud, it busts his ear drum.
Dude, Jessica pulled The Black Canary on me last night and now I'm deaf!
by Wibby Wu-tang January 23, 2021
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