- A person who is incredibly awesome.

- One who everyone is envious of.
Person 1: "Yo man. What's wrong?"
Person 2: "I wish I was The Big Rob."
Person 1: "Sorry man, but that's impossible."
Person 2: "I know. I just hate being not as awesome as him."
by Rob Stokes February 20, 2009
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A Big Ass MoFo from Texas who has a very small penis.
by Mark February 10, 2005
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The name "Big Dick Rob" can be a title given to any human or animal with a naturally gargantuan dong. The origins come from a man named Rob that had a large penis, he was given the nickname "Big Dick Rob" and the rest is history.
"Holy shit have you seen his cock Martha?"
"Yeah! He really is a Big Dick Rob"

"Hey! There he is, it's Big Dick Rob!"
by FisherPrice1928 February 22, 2017
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possibly the best show in the universe.
It's about two very different best friends who constantly make me laugh.
Oh. And they have a skateboarding dog named Meaty.
Dude: Hey man. What's up?
Other Dude: Shut up! I'm watching Rob & Big.
Dude: whoa. It must be a pretty effing awesome show.
Other Dude: duh. Now, SHHHHH!
by some random tv junkie April 06, 2008
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the nickname for a guy named rob which is in the possession of an extraordinary big phallus can often be heard humming the theme song of the show that carry s the same name: let me tell you about my best friend
Dude#1:have you heard about that guy

Dude#2:yeah the girls call him rob & big
by that dutch guy August 14, 2008
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