"Yo bro what's The best game ever.?"
"It's obviously Changed"
"what's Changed?"
"Listen here you slacker, google the game. I'm not gonna waste my breath because someone is lazy."
20 mins later...
"I googled it up and it's pretty dogshit."
"The game is dogshit? how about kill yourself."
by FurryFucker445 October 21, 2023
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Super Mario Sunshine, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto IV, whatever strokes your boat, but these are up there.
The best game ever is definitely Super Mario Sunshine. If that didn't exist, it'd probably be Team Fortress 2
by BloxedRetro April 23, 2022
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Person 1: Hey Timmy Whats the best game ever. Person 2 (Timmy): Sonic 4 Episode 1. Person 1: im proud of you timmy go play fortnite for 50 hours now
by whyarewehere April 14, 2022
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