It's a multi choice game made by innesloth (the people who made among us) with alot of fails and funny animation.
The henry stickmin collection is the best game ever.
by henry stickmin123 December 29, 2021
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Get Distracted Lol. Its a popular game before among us takes down.Developed by Innersloth (They Created among us too) and Published by PuffBallsUnited for Microsoft Windows. It has old and remastred henry stickmi
Guy 1: Lets Play Henry Stickmin Collection On my pc!

Guy 2:Yeah!
(Launches Steam And plays Henry Stickmin Collection)

(20 minutes later)
Guy 1: what should i pick? Synchronized takedown? Disguise? Or distracted?

Guy 2: Distracted
(Get Distracted Lol Screen)

Guy 1:What ?!?!
Guy 1:GET OUT!!!!

(kicks guy 2 to his house)
by TheGaming October 2, 2020
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Probably the most greatest game that has came out this year.
"Hey have you heard of The Henry Stickmin Collection? I loved those flash games on the internet, and now they put it on Steam!"
by Sosku10 August 21, 2020
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Overrated game of 2020 with unfunny memes, a character that everyone loves except real men (charles) and a dumb community that think that Valiant Hero is the saddest ending when legit in revenged the main protagonist dies, jokes aside, is a game of some "stickmin" called Henry, tried to rob a bank but then went to prison but escaped robbed a diamond from a museum, the goverment captures him to capture tophat clan thingy, and then captured by trump's wall but escaped, the last game is based on what you did in ItA and FtC and boom there's your game with lots of references and whatever I said in the beginning
The Henry Stickmin Collection distract dance hahahahahahaha funny valiant hero sad
by February 17, 2021
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