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Initially starting as a social topic on the X-Box 360 Skyrim board, The Bar With No Name was a gathering place for scholars and assorted sex fiends of the highest caliber. Here talented men and women would drink, belch, battle and die for their amusement.

However after the involvement of some dicks(see: Gamefaqs Moderators), The Bar had to be relocated several times before finding a place of it's own with it's own domain.

Today The Bar With No Name stands proudly, as it houses the pinnacle of human evolution. Where there is not a single user who feels the need to type "this" as "dis". However, somebody(see: Legend) will probably stab you whilst you sleep.
Son: Daddy, what happens when you die?
Father: I shall ascend to The Bar With No Name.

Counselor: Why do you smoke meth?
Addict: Because it takes me to The Bar With No Name and back.
by The Lord of Mayhem November 16, 2011
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