a term refering to the 25 players on the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox. they are the single greatest team in the history of hte game of baseball. they consist of a few super stars like david ortiz and a few journeymen like mark bellhorn. most of hte team is now diasembled, but it's legacy will live on froever.
I will never boo one of The 25 because they brought a ring to Boston.
by Baseball Lizz March 9, 2006
"Hey, Patrick, I know something funnier than 24!"
"Let me hear it."
by [.meghan.] May 15, 2010
The age at which one can finally rent a car in the United States without being charged enormous amounts of money and without having to sign thousands of papers for that matter.

So, a half-blind 70-year-old just got his license, rents a car a kills 5 people is more acceptable than a 24-year-old who has been driving for up to 10 years without an accident.
"How was your trip to New York?"

- "Fuck that! I got stabbed and mugged in the subway because I woulda had to pay $100 more per day for renting a car cuz im not 25 yet!"
by DZ21 August 27, 2007
Is a start to finish blow job usually averaging about 25 minutes!
The reference 25 is derived from the key pad of a phone. 2 representing B and 5 representing J. 25 = BJ
My girl finally gave me a 25 last night!!!! SOOOOO bomb
by The Lamontster March 12, 2010
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25. LSD, acid
Do you know where I can score a few hits of25?
by England phi beta gamma April 10, 2008
The number used to describe a sex offender/child molester as these types of crimes start with the prefix 25 of the penal code. Sometimes referred to as deuce-five, a prison gang on the PC yard in prison.
See that dude with the 25 tattooed on his neck? He's a piece of shit.
by CDC Convict November 22, 2010
A number funnier than 24.
Hey Patrick! I just thought of a number funnier that 24!
Lemme hear it.
by TheWhiteBowser October 28, 2016