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Something funnier than 24.
"Hey, Patrick, I know something funnier than 24!"
"Let me hear it."
by [.meghan.] May 14, 2010

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1. Jonas Brothers

2. Jacob Black

3. Justin Bieber

All 3 of them are very annoying, yet they are loved by pretty much every tween in the world.
Tween: 0mG i ~*HeArT*~ jB!!!!1!!111! Jb IS s000 ub3r *SEXXiE* 0Mg!!!1!!!
Normal person: Which JB?
Tween: aWLL uv D3m!!!!!!!11!1!!!1
Normal person: Ew. Get a life and learn to type properly.
by [.meghan.] June 21, 2010

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