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A Killer Queen, with his blonde hair and charming look and soothing voice.
He can seduce you and shove his vibrating hand through your heart stopping it instantly..
I'd fuck a Thawne
by thatgayguynextdoor May 05, 2018
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Thawne's usually a male name meaning sex god. These people are very loving and like to make you feel loved.
Quite short but full of personality, Thawne's are unique and sooooo sexy. If you ever get the chance to find one, make sure you hold onto him forever because they are truly the meaning of perfect.
dude 1: Woah whats that guys name?
dude 2: Aw I don't no aye but man if I was gay..
dude 1: he must be a Thawne cause he makes both my heads turn!
by mortlcmbat July 16, 2013
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