Columbia Heights Village and 3500 14st is the hardest part of NW. The enemys of CHV and 3500 have teamed up with each other against them.
What is 3500 and CHV?
3500 and CHV is "The Hardest Part of NW."
by DMVHOODZNDNEWZ June 3, 2022
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This is part 2 and maybe there might be a part 3!

Ste Hill and Dave Parky both say they’re hard as fuck! When really as soft as a care bear, I’ve heard from the bus industry they like to pretend they’re unicorn’s on a weekend and like running round their living rooms naked! They have a friend called “monotone Eddie” who comes round to play with their unicorns and do a-bit of the good old rimming while playing with their unicorns 😂 whatever that means!!

This is also known as a three-way between three best friends as they like to call it! Stay away from these two individuals - they’ll do nothing but steal and speak to you like shit!

They’ll ask you to be your friend and get your number but on the other hand they’ll sign you up to everything known to man… they like wasting NHS money & resources to have a laugh!

Ste Hill also owns a BMW - so we all know he has a membership to the no indicators wankers club. Can be found in most McDonald’s drive-thru getting his Big Mac Wanker in Heywood.

Ste Hill liked it when Dave Parky sent him a card through the post and claiming it was somebody else - I don’t think his other half liked a fat gay man on the card.

Ste Hill also now likes to drive big black lorries about round the country picking up lady friends off the side of the road for a £10 sucky sucky while his nurse wife is helping through the covid pandemic.
Hey Ste hill part 2 did you like your card pal?
by Dave_parky December 2, 2021
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part 3 of my 5178 character essay on how amazing NJ is.Yeah. It gets annoying and boring to hear so much hate about your own state which is MOSTLY EVEN NOT TRUE. We should get what we deserve. Also we have a higher amount of well-known/famous people than all of you. We have the USA Ambassador to Burkina Faso and Benin, we have the guy who designed the MLB logo, we have Tom Cruise, we have Shaquille O' Neal, we were home to FUCKING THOMAS EDISON (hence the city, Edison), we have Richard Nixon, Queen Latifah, Paul Rudd, Grover Cleveland, Frank Sinatra, Martha Stewart, Brittany Murphy, Zach Braff, Thomas Mitchell, Michelle Rodriguez, Ray Liotta, John Amos, Dennis Boutsikaris, Benjamin Burnley, Lou Costello, Buzz Aldrin, Sean Baker, Judy Blume, MERYL FUCKING STREEP, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Bud Abbott, Charles Addams, Madeleine Brewer, Emma Jean Bell, Kevin Spacey, Victor Cruz, Patrick Warburton, Michael Douglass, Loretta Swit, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Willis, Kiersten Dunst, Count Basie, Flamingo (the child roblox youtuber), Cristin Milioti, Frankie Vallie, Conni Francis, Dionne Warwick, Ali Larter, Carli Lloyd, Halsey, Chris Carrino, Max Ehrich, ALBERT FUCKING EINSTEIN (one of the smartest and well/widely-known physicians or even people in the world), THE FUCKING JONAS BROTHERS, and a lot more which I can't say in this part because of the character limit go to my profile for part 4 i promise it's up these were all posted in the same 10 mins.
That marks the end of New Jersey - Part 3!
by Stroughbries2763 September 4, 2022
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A girl who's pubic bush is so big due to a lack of grooming, that you can create a centre parting through it. Aka curtains.
"Harvey you seen that girl she hasnt trimmed her hair down below in over six months"

"You mean before you go down you get your comb out and do a centre parting?"
by lesleywan888 March 2, 2015
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Someone that does not know how to properly diagnose, an engine, appliance or computer just to start replacing parts to fix the problem. This may or may not be a good option to make the engine or appliance run. Furthermore it may end up costing the non-schooled technician to spend more money than need be.
I didn't have proper diagnostic computers to fix the car so I became a parts hero and started replacing what I thought was broke until the problem went away.
by June 26, 2022
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They have zero idea that the natural cycle of Earth's climate has resulted in several millennia-long Ice Ages and without global warming, those Ice Ages would resume and half the world will look like Greenland.

They have zero idea that 71% of ALL carbon emissions globally are created by only 100 companies mainly based in China and India (with a similar number for microplastics in the ocean), and when confronted with this fact, they merely parrot 'we can still do all we can to save the planet individually'.

Even when fixated on valid issues such as bio-reusability, deforestation, and microplastics, they take things to an extreme such as only buying brands that use 100% recycled materials, separating glass from paper from plastic when recycling, using only metal or paper straws, using the same reusable paper bag when shopping, and exclusively voting for a Green party irrespective of its economic or sociopolitical viability, as long as it 'saves the environment'.
"How dare you." - Greta Thunberg

(ecofreak - part 2)
by Ashraile November 9, 2022
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Hmmm does Lexy have a girlfriend?? That question is really tuff lexy is a type if guy to get something out of but the answer isn't clear. But lexy is likely to have a girlfriend currently after his break up with zabrang he has to move on and now m sure u asking who is likely to be lexy girlfriend even though we aren't sure on who it really is the answer is it might be Amira or mariam. But the answer isn't confirm tho but that's all we have if u have noticed how Amira n lexy has been acting towards each other then u would see... Ofc no boy can resist Amira beauty and voice so it's pretty obvious lexy would go after her. Stay tuned for lexy's secret part 3
by Danvyt34 September 11, 2022
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