A character from the T.V sitcom, That 70's Show. Definitely the main character, if there are any. Starts off as a 16-year-old. Most scenes are in his basement. He has two opposite parents, Red Forman and Kitty Forman. Somewhat wimpy, nerdy and small, but very sarcastic and funny. Played by Topher Grace, who you may know from Spiderman 3.
(On how to treat a hospital patient:)

Eric Forman: I know that when I go to the hospital, I like to not die!
by Lancington July 3, 2009
-->Some may confuse this gangsta' fresh name with that of EF from 'That 70's Show', a popular comedic sitcom of the Fox broadcasting that lasted from 1998-2006 starring Ashton Kutcher and Wilder Valderrama.

Most 'Eric Formans' can agree they will roundhouse kick the next guy who decides to be smart with them and crack a 'That 70's Show' joke. See Chuck Norris

Known hater of all those who feel the need to spread derogatory feelings of the UNited States, and any actions carried out by those individuals. These people are subject to roundhouse kicks.
Eric Forman, not from the TV show, but the man, the myth, the legend.
by Eric F. July 11, 2006
When you are so nervous during sex, you freeze up and just lie there.
"My man got nervous last night and pulled a dirty eric forman"
"That scrawny neighbour boy looks like he'd pull a dirty eric forman"
by RoadDefinitions April 16, 2020