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1. A double-sided meaning - Used to comment on the (particularly spicy) taste of Thai food. A positive comment in the eyes of Thais. A negative comment in the eyes of farangs.. i.e. "That was spicy like Hell, and all I could feel was pain! ;( "
2. Usually a positive comment when used with other world foods, to comment positively on their delicious spicy attributes.
Thai Family Host : "How was the food?"

Farang Guest : "Mmmm.. It was Thailicious!"

Thai Family Host smiles with genuine delight

Farang Guest, with his last shreds of energy, forces a trembling smile back
by penot January 11, 2009
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An adjective used to describe a sexy man with a jiggly butt (inspired by a guy named Thai Quoc Nguyen)
damn homie...look at him, aint he just so thailicious??
by Ngan Trinh February 05, 2004
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