Usually slanger than the other term "The fuck?". Tha Fuck is usually almost always accompanied with a "WHAT THA FUCK", but in this case is used as a short version whenever someone asks you a really stupid ignorant question, or asked you something and you reacted this way. "Tha FUCK?"
Tom: Hey Larry, you ever though about being gay?

Larry: Tha Fuck?
by izzy863 January 27, 2010
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When you're questioning the legitimacy of a female's faulty story, and she responds with "tha fuck", as a way to appear insulted by your skepticism, and to shame you into backing off and changing the subject.It's basically a fake outrage response to cover up her bullshit lies.
Boyfriend: "So you went out last night with a guy without mentioning it to me, and on top of that your mother told me you got home after 3am."
Girlfriend: "He's just a friend, tha fuck.You're so insecure."
by BroNYC April 8, 2017
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A term of exasperation used when all common sense seems to be thrown out the window.
What tha fuck? Why is there jewelry in the sugar jar?
by ThisChris1978 December 9, 2020
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Said to someone that is to close to you and you want them to move back.
Hey Back-Tha-Fuck-Up Man you too close.
by Tonky August 19, 2005
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to grab someone or to be the dominate in a fight
you best back up before i choke tha fuck outta ya.
by lenster November 9, 2007
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A common saying, originating with N.W.A., it gained popularity due to police brutality, the war on drugs, and general cop corruption. It is a complete sign of disrespect to the police.
-shit, they busting everyone
-seriously, fuck tha police
by RevG July 12, 2005
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the feeling you git when you see the police and you dont give a fuck
your home boy-> ohh shit 5 0, 5 0!!!!!!!

you-> man FUCK THA POLICE!!!!!
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