A person who spends nearly every waking moment, arms stretched out with phone, texting who ever will read it. Usually this person does not acknowledge bystanders. Their most common response is "Text Me". Living conversation is difficult. Attention span at the most is a few minutes. Texting Zombies are growing in number. Avoid them at all cost lest you become one.
by Macsaroni July 30, 2010
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1. Someone who's texts while walking,and constantly bumps into stuff not noticing any surroundings until the text is sent.

2. Someone who texts while driving, going about 5-10 miles an hour down a 40 m/h road.
Micheal was texting his girlfriend while walking and ran into a bush, and kept walking, he is such a text zombie!

Steve was texting his mom while driving and went 10 miles an hour what a text zombie!
by Aaron Chak July 11, 2008
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anyone wandering aimlessly through a crowd paying more attention to their texts than to who is directly around them.
That text zombie just bumped into me and didnt even look up from their phone.
by fingerbang134 August 8, 2010
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Any human with a cell phone transforms into a text zombie while walking and texting. Common symptoms include: slow walking, head pointing down, rigid arms, lack of direction or awareness of surroundings.
I almost hit another text zombie on my bike today. Damn person wasn't paying any attention at all!
by suteiki October 19, 2009
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A text sent that is a common phrase and the sender does not remember sending it. Usually sent by a preoccupied person.
by Hi Person! August 29, 2010
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When someone does or tries to continue a text message conversation that is clearly over and no more needs to be said, most of the time it will be akward and the person is just not getting the hint that the conversaton has ended.
Joe stop zombie texting Kim, u just messaged her 5 mins ago, she said she'll be there now quit texting her already before u make ur self look like an idiot, especially since u just met her.

kind of a shitty exmple but u pretty much get the point of it from the deffinition.
by Bniggs420 May 4, 2011
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Not to be confused with drunk texting, this is texting random friends in the middle of the night when you are stone sober and cannot sleep in the hopes of finding someone else awake to amuse and entertain you. Usually you look like crap because you are exhausted, cannot sleep, so you are a bit scarey.
Unable to sleep Randy picked up his cell phone and zombie texting Luke at 3am to see if he too might be awake.
by MarviMarti June 21, 2011
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