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When you're texting and you just can't stop texting. When you're texting up the yinyang and can't stop. When you're sending texts like water. When you text much like you poop when you have diarrhea.
guy#1: The other day I just couldn't stop texting people, I was texting so much.

guy#2: It's almost like you've got textarrhea
by lord sion August 27, 2008
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When someone sends incredibly long text messages with little to no meaning. Opposite of textipated.
Mary sent me another ridiculously long text message...I guess she has textarrhea.
by not_a_shoobie March 22, 2010
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The medical condition of sending too many text messages or messages that are too long. Applies to any text-based system including cell phone texts, facebook messages, email, etc... This common ailment usually occurs when a friend is hyped up on energy drinks or has had too many alcoholic drinks.
Guy #1: "What's up with that message you sent me last night?"

Guy #2: "Sorry, dude. I get textarrhea when I'm drinking and it's like the words start writing themselves."
by zzajlatem April 23, 2012
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When a person writes/sends thesis-size Long texts to others thus breaking the etiquette rule of conversing via text thereby using acronyms & shortened versions of words. (Noun)
This text submission of the word I have created is an example of me being afflicted with textarrhea, as opposed to verbal diahrea.
by Neoboltz May 31, 2016
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