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A person poops in one side of the toatser, and puts bread in the other toaster slot. both are cooked until both are toasted, and then the poop is spread over the bread and eaten
Abby: What do you want for breakfast?
Kevin: How about a nice Texas toaster?
Abby: Good, I already made several of them
by convojake February 04, 2011
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To release a silent fart moments before receiving a BJ from a woman you don't care about. When she unzips your pants and flops out your dick, the hot fart gas is released right in her face. If the woman is dirty or drunk enough she will continue with the act, otherwise you didn't care anyway.
Mike: So I gave Jocelin the Texas Toaster last night.

Steve: Oh ya, what did she do after that?

Mike: It didn't even faze her. That dirty ho just kept on sucking!

Steve: Nice!
by T-Dogg 63 November 11, 2010
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A sexual act that is performed by two people. First the male ejaculates onto a peice of bread and pops it into the toaster. He then fists the warm article into his partner's ass and waits for them to shit it out. It's not complete until they each eat a half of the finished product.
If a girl lets you give her a Texas Toaster... It's love!
by Pants-off Barrett March 07, 2007
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