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When the female is upside down resting her shoulders on the floor with her pelvis facing up while her partner drills her in a downward motion.
I gave Candy the old Texas Oil Rig.
by Jedi 007 October 10, 2005
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Similar in practice to the Eiffel Tower sexual position wherein a woman is on her hands and knees, satisfying two men (or women)simultaneously via intercourse in the front and the back. The Texas Oil Rig separates itself from the Eiffel Tower position by having the two members able to stand upright pour maple syrup onto the third member who remains on all fours.
The Texas Oil Rig is an Americanized Eiffel Tower.
by Benjamin Michaels January 07, 2009
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You place a mentos in your mouth followed by a mouth full of diet coke push liquid and candy into her pussy and wait.
Last I had to change my sheets from giving her a Texas oil rig.
by Fine I'll do it December 07, 2016
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When a girl is face down on the ground, ass up, and u penetrate her ass with such force that when u pull ur dick out, ur dick acts as a drill that has struck oil and flings fecal matter and lube all over the driller
Damn i cant see, i must have struck oil... Texas oil rig was probably a bad idea
by kpeezy32 October 23, 2007
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