Also known as Toxic City - Texas City is best known for having the most dangerous BP plant in the world. Not only are you at risk of being blown to smithereens while driving down a Texas City street, you will also likely be breathing benzine fumes.

Texas City is also famous for its dike. That is not a large lesbian population (which would be dyke); however, a massive wall used to hold back water and protect the city from natural disasters like storm surges.
Texas City, TX is a great little town. And by great, I mean, stinky.
by ZanneCole March 08, 2011
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Purgatory. A place that sucks so bad, you're stuck in between life and hell.
(Night time) Driving into Texas City, Texas. Is that a skyline of tall beautiful building lights covering the seashore? No. It's fucking miles and miles of oil refineries and fertilizer plants.

Living in a constant state of purgatory, with no clean smelling air and a constant threat of a hydrochloric chemical leak again. Its ok though, it will buy another football stadium or maybe a grocery store that doesn't smell like cat piss.

Am I in hell? No you're in Texas City, a place that's close to hell. But not really because there's a Starbucks.
by eatyourwords October 11, 2013
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Also known as “Texas shitty high school”, this shitty school has nothing but hoes and fuckboys constantly trying to get your pants. The school is mixed with either rednecks (for some reason they like to always park their big ass trucks near the cheveron side of the parking lot) , and a large portion of la marque kids who were sent over to TCHS to escape from LMHS, only to find something just as toxic. You will literally learn nothing from this school and the administration is autistic . They added trade classes because the school is so academically bad they have no hope in the kids making it into college. The school is also over crowded and they suck at sports. On the bright side , you could always eat at taqueria after school.
Administration thought it would be a good idea to assign tracking IDs to all the students (starting fall 2018). Good luck if you ever forget your ID, you'll just get thrown into SAC.
Texas City High school? You mean the place where 8 fights happen in one week?
by The Girl Reading This November 06, 2018
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That fucking school is full of fish and I’m not talking bout cause they the home of the “stingarees” I’m talking bout what’s in between then grown ass girls legs also they school full of want to be ass gangstaaaas sex in the boys locker room is not the place for sex ANOTHER thing is I wouldn’t be surprised if y’all teachers was fucking the students
by BHSTUFFY November 07, 2018
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A city of greater Houston. Home of the Clear Creek Wildcats, Clear Springs Chargers, and Clear Falls Knights. League City is home to around a million people. It is a great location because it's only about 45 minutes from downtown Houston in one direction and Galveston in the other. If you live here, you rep the LC. Kids here don't really like it because it's not a major city, but it actually has a lot of great things to offer. A lot of people want to leave the heat and "boredom," but once they leave, they've realized what they had was great. There is no "hood" of League City, so all you gangsters need to pull up your pants and turn your caps around.
Oh, you're reppin' that LC? You must be from League City, Texas.
by iknowright? March 08, 2011
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Best known as Royse Shitty. A city full of fake people. EVERYBODY in that city is fake. A city where everyone thinks they're cool just because they smoke weed. Where all the girls keep their legs open 24/7. Like a fucking Motel 6. A city where all the guys THINK they're pimps and gangter. When actually they're just making themselfs look stupid. And thats it, Royse City. A place that needs to burn in Hell.
Royse City, Texas
by yourfavoriteguydude March 25, 2011
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A really boring city in Texas. Close enough to the gulf to be affected by huricanes and extreme humidity. It is usually around 70-85 degrees farenheit during the holidays. Susceptible to massive droughts during the summers. Mostly every teenager smokes weed. Because it is so boring.
person 1: you want to go to missouri city, texas?
person 2: Hell no, it's boring as fuck.
by calcualter August 09, 2011
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