Attempting to make light of the male stereotype that phone conversations between guy friends are often quick and to-the-point, someone cleverly coined this verb by combining "testosterone" with "phone".

In reality, the word is too long to ever see common use outside of making yourself look like a tool.
Person A: Hey, I'm going to testosterphone Eric. Hehe.
Person B: What?
Person A: Get it? Testosterphone! Like, "testosterone" and "phone", but together! Haha! Isn't that clever?!
Person B: You fail.

by BlueSunrise May 15, 2007
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Short phone calls under 30 seconds. Typically spoken in Afrikaans.
>> impossible to transcribe conversations in Afrikaans <<
To simulate your own testosterphone conversation, put a potato in your mouth and attempt to speak.
by Haans Spucklemeier May 14, 2007
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(Verb). To make a quick and to-the-point phone call that lasts under 30 seconds.
"Let me testosterphone James, it will only take a minute!"
by Jack Davison May 1, 2007
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(verb). To make an unnecessarily loud and aggressive public or office phone call, designed to let everyone in the vicinity know how important and irreplaceable you are. This type of call is often (but not exclusively) made by a Bluetool.
"The new consultant decided to testosterphone his contacts in the industry all afternoon".
by Becca G May 14, 2007
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