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The Terrible Terry is very similar to the angry pirate. It involves having intercourse with a girl from behind. However before pulling out to perform the angry pirate, you must "miss" and slide it into the girls ass. The irony of this is that not only will the girl not be able to see you (cum in her eye) or chase you (foot stomped upon), but when she eventually chases you she will be waddling from taking it in the ass rough.
Michelle swore to cut Lee's balls off for the Terrible Terry he just delivered, as she waddled after him on one leg holding her eye closed making sounds like a pirate.
by Terrence L. November 05, 2007
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When, during a threesome, the man cums in one of the women's butts, while the other girl joyfully licks it out of the other girl's anus. The girl who did the licking then proceeds to spit the cum back in the face of the girl who had the cum licked from her anus.
Since he is so sexy, last night Lee gave Megan and Michelle the terrible terry.
by Terry B @ AMC July 21, 2006
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