1. When you are sick at the airport.

2. Getting sick from eating airplane food.
Hey, I'm gonna hit the head on the way to baggage claim. I think the chicken they served us gave me a real bad terminal illness.

I don't know if I can get on the plane yet, I'm starting to feel some terminal illness.
by DreyMan November 11, 2010
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One level higher than ill, but within the realm of words such as sick and ill. The epitome of all that is ill.
"Hey Shohreh", said Kirah. "Irena just told me this really terminally ill story about milkshakes. It wasn't just sick... it wasn't just ill... it was terminally ill. We should take that story to the ICU.
by lil' sik July 26, 2008
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"Scott the Woz... sounds a bit like a terminal illness to me"
Jontron, flex tape 2
by W O K E Patrick September 15, 2020
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