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a disease in which the victim misses a day of school when a project is due.
guy student: hey, why werent you here for our engineering presentation?

girl student: oh sorry, i came up with a case of cjd
by coopdacoop September 02, 2009
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Taking a container of food, milk, juice, or soda, consuming the contents, and putting the empty container back in the fridge. Named for a confused, troubled lad in the South Texas area.
I thought we had enough sour cream to make some great quesadillas, but then I found out it had been C.J.'d.
by iapianoman August 08, 2008
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Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease
Human form of mad cow disease, a brain disease that is incurable and invariably fatal
Symptom is rapidly progressive dementia, leading to memory loss, personality changes and hallucinations
A: What's the cause of CJD?
B: Eating a cow with mad-cow disease.
by l3CaB June 12, 2011
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