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the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet. She's so selfless at times that she forgets about her own needs, but she doesn't mind as long as she likes you. If you get on her bad side you'll see a whole different side of her. She is most definitely girlfriend material and will do everything she can to make you feel special. She's the type of girl to send those cute inspirational texts in the morning like "hey baby I hope you have a good day don't let anybody ruin it. Can't wait to see you tonight❤️" Her heart is so big and pure that she would do anything to make a person smile. She's also one of the most joyful people you'll ever meet. Although she can get pretty moody, when she's not she'll be laughing all the time. She has a very creative sense of humor; sometimes so creative that nobody understands it so she just has to laugh at her own jokes but she doesn't mind. So to sum it up kirah can be moody and petty, but all in all don't pass up on an opportunity to get close to a kirah because on your bad days she'll make you laugh, and she's so joyful and sweet that she'll make your good days a little bit better!
"Have you met that new girl kirah, man her smile can brighten anyone's day"
by Klr2464 May 31, 2017
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The most amazing, best girlfriend a guy could ever want. Great kisser, awesome personality, a total hottie. Incredibly bangable, I would soo do her in a second. Plus, im totally in love with her, she is worth more to me than the world, she makes my day every day. A non- conformist, vegetarian, which is awesome. If you ever meet a girl named Kirah, try to get to know her immediately, because if she is anything like the girl I know, she will be the best thing to happen to you in a long, long time. Like forever.
by WillJ1991 May 19, 2008
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Kirah is the type of girl to suck toes on the daily. She even has a special foot lotion she applies to the foot for flavor. When she's really bored she will often suck her own toes. But if she hasn't taken a shower in a day or three and is too lazy to clean up she will grab a detached foot from the freezer. Kirah even pays strangers to suck their toes. She knows its nasty af but Kirah don't give a fuck.
Molly:Did you hear that Kirah sucks toes everyday?

Daniel:Yeah she even tried to suck my toes before.
Molly:She crazy.
by Burnt Ramen Noodles June 08, 2018
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