What once was a wholesome and delicious chicken breast with boundless culinary potential, destroyed by overcooking then smothered with a sickeningly sweet substance that is an insult to Japanese cuisine.
I think I'll try the Teriyaki Chicken, because I hate myself.
by x BILKO x September 17, 2016
Chicken Teriyaki was the correct full name of the last surviving Japanese kamikaze pilot. He was rumored to always have had a large brown stain on the seat of his Zero Fighter and on the seat of his flight suit. It has been reported that Chicken Teriyaki often adorned his flight suit with a decorative yellow stripe all the way up the back of his flight suit as well.
Dude, I saw Chicken Teriyaki's plane at the big air show and there wasn't a mark or blemish on it anywhere besides the huge stain on the cockpit seat.
by Guest149602 July 1, 2010
person 1: how good is the chicken teriyaki sub?
person 2: like sex on a sandwich
by rberanger November 15, 2011
A slang word in the Northern-Ontarian community which means heroin.
Anon 1: Wanna do some teriyaki chicken

Anon 2: Sure
by LCD_P November 8, 2018