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A sexual trick occuring between a man and a woman that resembles gun-powder being loaded into a muzzleloader. The trick is traditionally performed by men in Tennessee who dip or chew smokeless tobacco. The man and the woman assume the doggy-style position during sex. After a short while of fooling around the man 'tricks' the woman as he removes the smokeless tobacco from his mouth, places it on her asshole, and then shoves it into her rectum with his penis. It is typical for the act to occur in a very short period of time without warning the woman.
"I am still buzzing from the Tennessee Muzzleloader you gave me after the date-party last night."

"She was a slut so instead of regretting the sex I gave her the Tennessee Muzzleloader."
by Stonewall1863 January 04, 2008
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The sexual act of a man reaming a bitch in the ass from behind, pulling his cock out and spitting his chew wad on his cock and then shoving it back in aforementioned bitch's ass.
My bitch was inadvertently given a tennessee muzzleloader when i was pounding her ass and my chew fell on my tip...she said the menthol gave her a clean ass feeling.
by Ahwatukee Asshole May 23, 2010
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