A song by One Direction that Niall Horan wrote. It is very much an underrated bop.
Person 1: “Did you know that Niall wrote Temporary Fix for 1D?”
Person 2: “HAHA, yep, Niall the church boy who?”
by myloveforonedirection January 17, 2021
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Helping someone out for a period of time. Also visible in the One Direction song with the same name, written by Niall Horan. As "No Control" it's one of the more mature/edgy songs the band has written and performed. The meaning of "Temporary Fix" shows in the lyrics.
"You can call me, when you're lonely. When you can't sleep, I'll be your Temporary Fix. You control me, even if it's just tonight."
by finzi kikilino March 25, 2021
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Something or someone that will fix you or help you for a while
"I've been so sad lately"
"Let me be your temporary fix"
by hegds December 30, 2016
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Being used to fill a hole until someone else comes along to replace you. See rebound
Ex 1: "Who's this? Where's Maria?"
"Maria left me. This is my Temporary fix, Mandy."
Ex 2: I'm always the temporary fix, and never actally loved."
by Flowercrown November 29, 2015
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