Magnetic wooden building block toy for kids and kids at heart. The blocks are eco-friendly and provide jobs in Honduras.
The Tegu blocks stuck together so well that Billy was able to build towers and houses he was never able to with regular wooden blocks.
by TeguToys June 11, 2010
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A sexual act ,right before male ejaculation, a female proceeds to lick the male scrotum aggressively while she squeezes the shaft of the penis as if she would let go and it would run away, until it turns purple through the time of male orgasm.
Friend 1: dude, I watched a porn last night where, right before a guy nutted, the girl started licking his balls and squeezed his dick until it turned purple
Friend 2: yeah man, sounds like a Columbian tegu to me!
by Cdiff2018 January 16, 2018
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A Tegu is a large, quite clever kind of lizard related to monitors. They are not poisonous and only ever become aggressive when provoked or hungry, so they make good pets if you're willing to put up with their constant escape attempts.
Did you hear? Jake's Tegu tried to escape its terrarium again!
Really? He must be really attached to it if he's willing to put up with that every other week.
by sebacostamr November 23, 2018
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