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(tEEn-age-jism) adj. In the three (3) years of Canadian Highschool and the four (4) years of American Highschool, there is a path, a way of life in which those who truly understand prevail beyong all measures. More common in males, this attitude, to say the least is to live for the moment. Every step, every day, every hour living Teenagism is never wasted. What you choose to do, what interests you, what mistakes you make and victories you succeed in, all fall into the path of your living. Nothing matters except what you put priority on, you function with out the fear of falling and live for the best moments. Teenagism itself is viewed differently by many people, but that is one the benefits of it. Teenagism bends for the person, the person does not bend for it. When following Teenagism, it surrounds you. Surrendering to the power of Teenagism lets you forget stress and worry, and is even scientifically proven to raise sexual prowess. Benefits are infinite should you choose to believe, and it's free to join! There are a few rules however, to follow Teenagism, one must be between the ages of 15 and 19, some exceptions based on maturity level can be made. To live teenagism, forget that others judge, live, and live. Most importantly, you must be crunk at minimum, bare minimum, two (2) or three (3) times a month. Ideally, between ten (10) and twenty (20) times.
Teenagism occurs in all these events.
Ernie got drunk, fell down the stairs, got in a fight, had sex and woke up in India the next day.
Wallace spent his time writing emo poetry and telling people he cut himself.
Helga spent long nights with friends drink a cacao bean mix with close friends and two (2) cats.
Herald got so high each day, he usually only made it to 1 class a week and liked to spend time throwing rocks at cars.
Gertrude burnt down a Starbucks.
by I am Drunk July 10, 2006
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