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An international residential rehabilitation program centered around recovery through faith and Jesus Christ. Teen Challenge facilitates boys, girls,men and women with life controling problems such as an array of addictions, eating disorders, attitude problems, Behavioral issues, and the list goes on. The centers are devided into age groups and gender. (ie:the adolecent boys would be in a different center than the adolecent girls, and the girls divided from the women, and so on) The average stay at a Teen Challenge center is 15 months, however, this may be longer depending upon the behavior of the person in treatment. A day in the life of a Teen Challenge "student" will consist of strong faith based training,daily worship services and student led devotions, twice weekly church visits , weekly visits with an on campus counselor, as well as strong support from the residential staff. Closely facilitated meals are manditory. Recreation time and chores are also maditory. Students keep to a strict schedule throughout the day. For school age students, a faith based homeschool curriculum is tought on campus in a separate school building. Often times, students who have fallen behind in school prior to entering the program emerge right on target, or ahead of their peers at home. Housing at a Teen Challenge center is composed of "doorms" which have up to 2 staff members living in private quarters and up to 20 girls who share 2 "sides" 10 on each side, in bunk beds. There is a large conjoining bathroom and shower area. The dorms are very cozy and much resemble a family unit. Upon arrival at a Teen Challenge facility you will be asigned a "sister", this will be student who has been in the program for a while, your "sister" is hand picked for you, in order to assure you get as much support as possible during your first 2 weeks in the program. Your "sister" will teach you everything partaining to the program, help comfort you and support you during those first fragile weeks, she will pray with you, and instruct you on how to complete tasks appropriately. Once you've completed 2 weeks on sister you will be on your own, so hopefuly you have payed attention!
I graduated from Teen Challenge in Seale Alabama in 2006.
by Young&Quiverfull March 25, 2009
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