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A Teegen is known for his godlike wingman abilities, being able to get anyone laid faster than you can say "cocksucker motherfucker". Teegen probably wears a blue, red, and white hat, a patriotic mother fucker he is. Teegen is the most chill person on this Mother Nature planet. They are specifically good at the guitar strings, the talent of the gods. Teegen's strengths? Eating a lot and comfortably chillin.
His weaknesses? Girls with short hair.
optimus prime- "dang, who's that chill guy over there drinking a dew?"
bob nich- "that's a Teegen, talk to him if you wanna get laid.
by OG DLG ROCKER May 10, 2015
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A small Mexican that usually can be found climbing the border fences or working in your local Taco Bell. Also has large penis (JK) he can also be found cleaning your house for cheap.
Bob - "Hey! I got a Teegen to cut my grass and make me tacos!"

Nathan - "Awesome! I'm a queer!"
by Witherz June 28, 2013
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