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a singer/guitarist who was in a band in the late 50s that had a hit with "Journey to the Center of the Mind". He went solo in the mid 70s. He gained a reputation for his wild stage antics and meandering crazy gonzo onstage rants. He has released many albums but the only good solo songs he has made are "Little Miss Dangerous" (used in an episode of Miami Vice) and the radio hit "Cat Scratch Fever". Such a small number of good songs from a 30-year+ career is a mighty sad ratio. In the 90s he was a member of the derivative band Damn Yankees. A gun enthusiast and hunting fan, he's caused controversy by his support of canned hunting and killing animals for no damn good reason. He says that all environmentalists and animal advocates can "kiss his ass". He did his damndest to get out of the draft during the Vietnam War era (1958 - 1975) but now is a cheerleader and armchair warrior, claiming to "support the troops". A complete dumbass hypocrite. He visited one of Saddam Hussein's palaces like a spectator after the Iraqi dictator was deposed. Terrible Ted said he really got a thrill out of that. It's OK to take a look around after the violence has gone someplace else and you're out of danger, isn't it? Ted said that Baghdad should've been "Nagasaki"ed. Sheer ignorance. Since he supports the Iraq War so much, why don't he ship his cowardly ass over to Iraq and fight it as well? He has done and said countless other offensive things. He is a slave to an extreme political ideology. He is now a droid, a brainwashed robot who can't think for himself and cannot accept the diversity that America is supposed to be.
In a concert in Michigan a few years ago, a journalist writing a review of a Ted Nugent concert noted that Ted performed an "idolatrous ritual" of "worshipping the American flag". Ted Nugent has long been known to be obnoxious in his concerts and such. Now he's also a pushy extremist loudmouth cretin asshole programmed by an ideology. Sad.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice October 13, 2007
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Clownish pedophile who dodged the Vietnam draft. Wishes he could be taken seriously as a muscian, but is stuck playing state fairs.

Played in Damn Yankees band with a bunch of other pop music hacks. Strictly for lightweights.
Q: "Duuuuuude, you got any Ted Nugent?"

A: "Do I look like a retard to you?"
by Boshneck September 03, 2008
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a draft-dodging hypocrite pseudopatriot moron who would send your kids to die in some war for the Republican party but would never consider following his rhetoric with action and try shooting at things that can actually fire back. in short, a gutless coward whose fans are a bunch of geriatric old farts that vote Republican.
Ted Nugent thinks hes a badass, but he decided to shit in his pants and look crazy before the draft board during Vietnam.
by ihatephonies January 18, 2007
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Watch his "Behind the Music": Ted adopted an underage girl named Pele Massa to have sex with her.

Ted wrote the song "Jailbait" where he talks about having sex with thirteen year old girls.

In his VH1 Behind the Music, he admits to having sex with several underage girls, saying their parents allowed it, and guessed they figured better him than some drugged out high school dirtbag. One of his accusers was 12 years old.

Ted Nugent is 100% a pedophile, listen to his song, Jailbait. He says,

He Ted Nugented that 12 year old girl, now he's on the sex offender list. Read the Lyrics to Ted Nugent's song, Jailbait. Ted sings, "I don't care if you're just thirteen," "I just know that you're probably clean," "Jailbait you look so good to me," "I know I've got to have you..." "Put those handcuffs on her, I'll share her with you!"

Ted Nugent's song, "Jailbait" is about raping a 13 year old.
He's being a Total Ted Nugent, dating that 15 year old.
by Don'tUSeYouReallzzzNames September 09, 2018
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A complete fucking moron that does a lot of cocaine. Ted Nugent is a close-minded Republican asshole.
Ted Nugent's ego shows a lack of penis width.
by Sehctib Natas Mi May 26, 2005
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A guy who has long hair and plays (or did at one time) rock guitar but is NOT representative of what long hair or rock 'n' roll is about. He is a fucking REDNECK who likes to kill animals and supports war. "The Nuge" is a splooge.
Ted Nugent needs to put down his crossbow, smoke some marijuana, and listen to some Dead.
by Woody Thomas April 08, 2007
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