Really cool show on VH1 thast depicts the rise and fall and rise again of bands/musicians/singers
If you want to be on "Behind the Music," you must:

1) start a band and play seedy nightclubs in New York or Los Angeles or Chicago or Atlanta;
2) get discovered, get a record deal, go triple-platinum, have 3 number one videos on "TRL," and make mad cash money;
3) develop a drug addiction or gambling habit or drinking problem and loose everything;
4) hit rock bottom; and
5) enter re-hab or find Jesus.
by Silky Smooth November 26, 2003
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Formula-narrative driven public-consciousness regarding the President's Progress, where epic heights are routinely imperiled with chasmic pitfalls, and where for every second speech the 'stakes could not be higher,' will 'define his/her presidency,' and invites the usual cliches by the typical pundits.
-- Phew!! I'm just glad that, for all the upheavals, that things are finally going great!!

-- But wait, are they?! Sure, if there's a great speech to be given, he's more intrepid than FDR (who rationed his fireside chats, so as not to be overexposed,) but this next challenge coming-up will DEFINE HIS PRESIDENCY!!

-- It's the Behind the Music Presidency...there's always the VP Oprah fallback position....
by sukadog March 6, 2011
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