Someone who has a particular affinity and/or obsession with technology
person 1 " i cant get my computer working"
Person 2 "ask matt, he's our resident techy"
by Tannek128 October 30, 2007
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1. Nickname pertaining to a person of advanced technological knowledge and obsession. Someone who has the latest gadgets, and knows how to solve technology errors.

2. Nickname pertaining to a person in the field of technical theatre. A theatre technician, i.e. someone who mangages lighting, sound, backstage prop work, curtains, etc.
1. "Dude, Steven is such a techy! Yesterday he told me that he is trading his iphone for the new iphone, and has and itv, and a macbook. While he was telling me this, he was helping three different people online solve their computer problems!"

2. Every Techy must appear for training for basic sound board, and light board. The only exception is Tactors, who have to be at rehearsal for the musical.
by haha.inkman June 9, 2009
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1. Possessing amazing cleverness or coolness.
2. Something unusually good but not often used.
3. Mostly said in a sarcastic tone to mock or decry bad magic players or good players who made a mistake.
"You run Ark of Blight in Mono Green? Thats techy as hell!"
"Goblins with Empyrial Plate? Thats techy, lemme tell ya."
by Greg December 7, 2003
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1. An adjective denoting the complexity of a situation. A synonym of prog.

2. Used to characterize music; usually relating to Technical Death Metal, Technical Thrash, etc. Also refers to the difficulty or complexity of certain aspects of music (i.e., odd time-signatures, unorthodox song structure, difficult technique, etc.).
"After you sold your parents' home while they were out of the country, the relationship you have with them is mad techy."

"Listen to this techy riff from Necrophagist; it took me a long while to learn it."
by NJustice4All January 14, 2007
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1) One who works for the stage doing techinical services, such as sound, lighting, or stage hand work.

2) A major subculture, where members dress up all in black, carry multitools, and a roll of gaft tape.
by FernDawg June 22, 2003
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A technician. One who works on the technical aspect of any production. Often work into the wee hours the night before a show opens and still receive little recognition.
Without techies, we wouldn't have a show.
by red dragon July 17, 2003
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1: A Person who works Backstage during theatrical performances.
2: The People with Headsets and are silently laughing so hard they are crying because of the actors and actresses performance.
3: Really Run the Play
4: Techies (Ninjas) VS Actors (Pirates)

Techies are Referred to as Ninjas because they have the talent to vanish when ever the director is yelling at actors, and also must be silent and wear black for their job.

Actors are the Pirates cause they need the fans and the photos to continue doing there jobs. Techies do not need the fans or the photos they know they are awesome.

5: The people that have the most fun during play week, and after because they demolish everything!

6: The Stage Manager, Props Manager, Sound Technician, Light Technician, Spot Light Controllers, Scenery movers, and those who fly scenery in and out.

7: Techies are also the people you find sleeping in class or on the floor before play practice.
Don't piss off the Techies or you take your bow in the dark.

If the set falls down sure it may be our fault, you mess up your lines and don't improvise because of the set falling it's not our fault.

Don't put on the tehcie head sets, cause you may hear us making fun of you.
by Annakitsune August 20, 2007
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