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Team Unit, better known as "TU," is one of the most notorious underworld crime syndicates in the area of Houston, Texas. O.G.'s are known simply as Bossman and Hitman aka Unknown. Hitman's identity remains a mystery since those who have seen his face have seldom lived to tell the tale. Membership in the gang requires a blood oath and approval of the O.G.s. Much of their money comes through extortion of local businesses, prostitution, and the sale of breast milk. Bossman and Hitman are wanted in all 50 states and are considered armed and very dangerous. While authorities have been called, however, during many of their crimes, the gang remains elusive.
Symbols used by the gang in graffitti art and drawings left on their victims include a dollar bill (the avatar of Bossman) and the grim reaper (the avatar of Hitman). The success of the gang has caused it to evolve from a street duo into an international criminal enterprise. The official mantra of the gang is "TU, TU, Bitch!" and is often chanted during gang initiations or to victims.
Team Unit
by tutubitch September 27, 2010
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