These are used as code words for when in public places talking about sex openly and not feeling embarassed about talking about it.
Tea to be refered to as the 'front' passage for sex; and coffee to be used for the 'back' (anal) passage.
So when you wake up in the morning - do you prefer Tea or Coffee? haha
this can also be fun in the work place when asking the boss if they want tea or coffee!!
by AJay7 August 16, 2006
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A coffee shop on Broadway in Newport, Rhode Island. It is a popular spot to hang out for high school age kids. It is also the maker of many a tea, the most unique of which is the bubble tea, a ordinary tea with small tapioca balls in it. The mochi is also creative; ice cream put inside a chewy rice paper. A Lite-Brite table is another innovation of the coffee shop.
Guy: Hey wanna meet up at Empire Tea and Coffee tomorrow?

Me: Yeah, I'm planning on getting a green tea.

Guy: Which kind? They have like fifteen!
by GilletteX September 9, 2007
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the USSRic phrase the proposal to the girl to meet the evening together, to friend closer, not hint the sex (but someone maybe kept in mind).

Tea or Coffee is the main variants of decorous drinking, and that means that decorous girl get all the variants and the result of proposal are maximun variable, maximum successfull. "lets dance" is the variant of decorous closeness
- Hey, Jane, what r u doing after classes?
- i dont know...nothing
- come to me?
- Tea, coffee, let's dance?
-Okay) But know, i am decorous
- I am too...
by KlausBorski October 21, 2020
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Joe Bloggs to his friend: "You should see this YouTube channel video about some womans clarinet practice.
Joe bloggs friend: "What's it called; the channel?"
Joe bloggs: "Virtual High Tea coffee n cakes and a bit of Clarinet Chit Chat".
Joe Bloggs friend: "Cool."
by Usebleach January 17, 2021
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A statement that you say to someone when they are indecisive, even though going with two options is cheaper than the amount of time waisted deciding.
John: I'm spending hours analyzing charts to decide which crypto to get.
Me: Tea or Coffee!

Explanation: If that person spent their time that they waisted analyzing charts on a real job (like McDonalds) then the money they get paid would allow them to invest in both cryptos.
by awericktinuse November 16, 2021
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